October 9 – beat

October 9, 2019   =========

☆  beat 打ち負かす


In sports, if you beat someone, you defeat them and you win the game or completion. This week, there is a useful phrase: “I don’t’ think they’ll beat them.” We were saying this about my son’s soccer team quite a bit this season! Not because we didn’t think his team was any good, but because they were younger kids playing in an older league.

So, all the other teams were bigger and stronger and had one more year of experience. Naturally we thought it would be unusual for them to beat the other teams. However, they proved us wrong! They didn’t beat the teams in the tournament game, but they did beat them in the league games! We were all very proud of our little team!

Of course, just like Michael Jordan’s quote last week, we were checking they were having fun, too. Ha ha!