September 24 – check out

September 24, 2019 =========

☆  check out 調べる


One of the useful phrases this week is, “Do you want to check out the new running path with me?” This is a phrase I have used both in Japan and now in Australia. Actually, I probably said, “a new running path” rather than “the” … do you understand the difference?

“the new running path” would refer to a path that both me and my friend knew about. It would also be talking about a new path, as in a path that has been recently built. In this situation, it’s probably a new local running path.

On the other hand, “a new running path” could be any path that I have never been on before. This would be what I say when I invite my friend to run somewhere with me, (probably) an old path but one that we haven’t run on before.