July 29 – conceptualize

July 29, 2019 =========

☆  conceptualize (将来を)思い描く


If you conceptualize something, you form an idea of it in your mind. In other words, if we conceptualize our future, we visualize our future. When we conceptualize something, it involves lots of ideas and elements. So, it is not simply wanting to live in a big city, or wanting to be an author – it involves conceptualizing all of the different parts of that idea – what city? What kind of dwelling? Who with? And so. Or for the author – what kind of genre? Who is your ideal reader and publisher?

Interestingly, conceptualizing the future is something that marketers need to be good at – they sell their product by getting the purchaser to conceptualize or imagine what their future would be like after using the product. So, it’s important to conceptualize your own future, rather than letting companies do it for you!