July 30 – complicate

July 30, 2019 =========

☆  complicate 複雑にする


If you complicate something, you make it more difficult to understand or deal with. In some cases, knowing the future might actually complicate things, right? For example, if you were planning to move overseas for work, and a fortune teller told you that you should stay in Japan for the next few years… what would you do? Would this complicate your decision?

For me, it definitely would! Of course, I would want more information about exactly why moving to another country was not a good idea at that time… but if I believed in the accuracy and integrity of the person telling me, then it would definitely make me think more about my decision. In fact, back in 2011, I did consult a fortune teller and she told me that moving back to Australia was the right decision, and good timing. Phew!! If she had said it was bad timing, it would definitely have complicated my decision!!