January 12 – date

January 12, 2019 =========

☆  date デートする


Are you brave enough to date someone you met through the Internet? I don’t think I would be, but I have two friends who have. One of my friends met her husband through an online cooking group! It wasn’t though an app for meeting people to date, but it’s actually a better way to meet someone you might like to date, don’t you think? At least you definitely know that you have one hobby in common.

However, I also have a friend who was a single mum, with teenage daughters. Her daughters created a profile for her on Tinder, a dating app. She was horrified! She didn’t want to find someone to date on an app. However, she did end up dating a man who was a single dad. They hit it off, and two years later they are still dating each other! So, it is possible to find love on the Internet!

Have you ever dated someone you met online?