January 11 – crave

January 11, 2019 =========

☆  crave 切望する


This week’s useful phrase is, “I’m craving face to face interaction.” Do you ever feel like this when you’ve been online for too long? The funny thing is though, that often when we do catch up with other people in person, we still spend time on our phones! Do you ever do that?

In that situation, when we are with other people, but still using our phones, what do you think we are really craving? Is it face to face interaction that we are craving? I have a friend who is constantly on her phone, liking posts, posting photos with hashtags of what she is doing or buying. Whenever I am with her, I really crave an uninterrupted conversation, but her phone seems more important than me. As you might guess, I don’t see her that much anymore!