December 8: perspective

December 8, 2018      =========

☆  perspective 全体像


Perspective is the big picture, and when you keep something in perspective, it means that you judge its real importance by considering it in relation to everything else. If something is out of perspective for you, it means that you have failed to judge its real importance in relation to everything else. For example, as a parent, if I feel that I need to read an article on Facebook rather than listen to my child talk about their day at school, then obviously I have gotten things out of perspective.

The quote for this week is by Serena Williams, and she says, “Tennis is just a game; family is forever.” To me, this is a great quote about keeping things in perspective. For her tennis is a game, a job, and when she plays against her sister, that’s all it is, just a job. Her perspective is that family is much more important. Do you agree? Mind you, it didn’t really seem like she had the big picture in perspective when she played against Naomi Osaka recently!

Do you have things in perspective in your own life?