December 7: lifetime

December 7, 2018 =========

☆  lifetime   一生涯


A lifetime is the length of time that someone is alive. For example, “Dr. Kurata had an extraordinary lifetime of achievement.” Or, “I’ve lived in a lot of places during my lifetime.” And, of course, talking about family and friends, and relationships, you might meet your true love and say that your love will last a lifetime.

One other way to use this word is in a phrase, “the chance of a lifetime” or “the experience of a lifetime” meaning that the chance or experience is the best or most important chance that you are likely to have. For me, doing the short homestay in Okayama when I was in high school was really the experience of a lifetime! If I hadn’t done that trip, I would never have chosen to go to Japan and teach English! I wonder how my life would have worked out differently??

How about you? Have you ever had the chance or experience of a lifetime?