December 9: complication

December 9, 2018   =========

☆  complication  複雑さ


A complication is a problem or difficult that makes a situation harder to deal with. I suppose Serena Williams might consider playing against her sister in an important tennis competition, a small complication! Tennis cannot be a draw, so one of them has to lose! Just a “minor complication” to their friendship!

Other complications that you might experience with family and friends could be working hours or the distance between you. For example, “He job is so busy, so that’s a complication for when we are trying to go out on a weeknight. Or even the age difference between you and your partner might be a complication. For example, “The age difference was a complication to the relationship. My parents didn’t want me to date someone so much older than me.”

Have you ever experienced a complication with a family member or a friendship? How did you resolve it?