Today’s Word: proficient

November 27, 2018   =========

☆  proficient  熟練した


If you are proficient at something, you can do it well. Some other words with a similar meaning are: skilled, able, adept, competent, and skillful. Being proficient at something can really help with time management, right? Yesterday I mentioned David Allen, do you know what he said it was important to become proficient at? List making?? Ha ha… yes, of course.

However, more important than list making, he says it is important to be proficient at typing. I totally agree with this. I do a lot of work on computers, and if I were only able to type using two fingers, it would take a very long time! Luckily, I am a somewhat proficient typist… I could definitely improve and in fact, that’s one of my goals before the end of the year – to become a proficient typist.

Are you proficient on a computer? Is it important to your job or daily life to be proficient at typing, or not really?