Today’s Word: patient

November 28, 2018    =========

☆  patient  忍耐力のある


A patient is someone at a hospital getting treatment… just kidding! Today’s word is the adjective, not the noun! If you are patient, you stay calm and do not get annoyed when something takes too long or someone is not doing what you want them to do. Hmm… I wonder if the adjective is related to the noun?? If you A patient at the hospital, you have to BE patient, because generally everything takes SO long at hospitals. 😀 Ha ha…

So, this made me think, I wonder if anyone else thinks it’s strange to call someone at the hospital a patient… and I found a debate on Google, from 1999… wow! It said that maybe we should change the word patient to something else! Interesting! But, obviously, no one cared enough to change the word! Then this made me think about Japan. The word for a patient at the hospital is very different from the word describing someone who is patient and doesn’t get annoyed at things taking too long, right? Do you know why they are such different words? Or, do you know why the English words are the same?? I am still looking for the answer… I need to be more patient! 😉