Today’s Word: thorough

November 26, 2018    =========

☆  thorough 綿密な


A thorough action or activity is one that is done in a very careful and detailed way so that nothing is forgotten. This month’s Question is “How do you beat procrastination?” and one of the example answers is: “I make a thorough To Do list and work through it.” Does this sound like a good idea? Would it help you beat procrastination?

One of my favorite authors on time management is David Allen, who wrote Getting Things Done. He says that one of the biggest reasons we are tired, and busy, and stressed is because we never really make a thorough list of ALL that we have to do. He says that we make a list of a few things, and so we feel better, and less stressed. Then we get busy again, and don’t really use our lists, so once again our brains get stressed trying to be thorough and remember everything for us.

So, based on David Allen’s advice, the idea is to create a thorough list AND keep it updated, so that your brain can rest! Do you agree?