Today’s Word: drag on

November 14, 2018    =========

☆  drag on  時間がかかる


If something drags on, it takes longer than necessary. Things on your To Do list can drag on, causing you to get behind in the tasks that you need to finish. However, it’s not just work-related things that drag on – it can be personal things too.

A few months ago, my son had a school dance performance. It was Years 4 to Year 7, and it was starting at 9am. I had a Pilates class to go to, at 9:15am, and the location was just a couple of minutes away from the school. So naturally, I thought, his year would go first (year 4) and I would be able to get to my Pilates class.

So, I booked in and paid for the class online, letting the teacher know that I might be a few minutes late. The dance performance dragged on like you would not believe! In fact, they started with Year 7 and worked backwards. That’s right, my son’s performance was the last one!! Seriously??!! It dragged on so much, that by the time it finished, it was 9:45am, and my Pilates class was due to finish at 10am…. So sad! Of course, I was happy to see my son’s performance, but I wish I hadn’t lost my money for the class!

Have you ever had something like this drag on so you missed something else?