Today’s Word: prioritize

November 13, 2018     =========

☆  prioritize  優先順位をつける


So, the big question! How do you prioritize when everything is important?! I use a paper-based planner for work, and the Eigo Techo for personal. In my work diary, it has two sections for your To Do list. One section says, “Top Priority” and the other section says, “Priority” ha ha… it’s a bit silly really! When everything is prioritized as a “Top Priority” then in reality, nothing is a top priority!

I think the key to being able to prioritize your tasks is knowing the value they bring to your work or life. And, also being able to accurately estimate how much time you will need. This way, you can prioritize in terms of value and in terms of how much time you will need.

How do you prioritize your To Do list?