Today’s Word: eliminate

November 15, 2018    =========

☆  eliminate  取り除く


It’s a fact of life, that we can rarely do everything on our To Do list. Once you prioritize your tasks, plan how long each will take, your day will probably be full, before you have allocated time for each task. So, what do you do? We eliminate! Yes, eliminate or cut the tasks from your list, and focus just on the remaining tasks.

One way to eliminate tasks from your list, is to remove anything that isn’t actually a task. An “idea” is not a task – eliminate it from your list. Instead, keep an “Ideas” list, where you can store your ideas until you have time to review them and make progress.

A “project” is also not a task. You can eliminate projects from your To Do list, and instead, make a list of all the task associated with completing that project. Then keep the list somewhere safe, and just put the top priority items on your To Do list each day.

What other ways can you eliminate things from your To Do list?