Today’s Word: plan

November 12, 2018    =========

☆  plan  計画する


When planning your day, do you think about how long tasks will take you? As I said earlier this month, it’s not really possible for me to plan my day in detail, so instead, I list up the tasks I’m working on. I also try to plan how much time I think they will take. This is important, because it helps me be decisive and make a choice of what to do, when I have a little or a lot of time.

When I plan how much time I think I need to spend on a task in order to finish it, I also look at how much time it actually took me. So, if I plan to take 30 minutes to send my emails, when I finish, I check the time. Sometimes it took me less than 30 minutes, but usually it took me more than 30 minutes. Now I know that I need to allow more than 30 minutes for my email. Knowing this estimated time versus actual time, makes planning my day much easier.

Do you plan your day? If you do, how much detail do you plan?