Today’s Word: decisive

November 11, 2018=========

☆  decisive  明白な


If someone is decisive, it means that they have the ability to make quick decisions, in a difficult or complicated situation. Having too many options is usually one of the things that makes time management difficult. We need to be decisive and make the decision quickly, so that we can actually get on with taking action.

Most people are not decisive, and instead spend so long thing about what to decide, that they never actually make a decision! But, worse than that, is by not being decisive, they never get on with the work they need to do. For me, it’s really tough with a young baby, and she doesn’t have very long naps during the daytime – so I need to be especially decisive with my time. My little girl might wake up in 15 minutes, or in one hour! So, I need to be decisive! What tasks am I going to work on? If I don’t make a quick decision, she’ll wake up before I do any work!