Today’s Word: essential

October 29, 2018 =========

☆  essential  絶対必要な


Something that is essential is extremely important and absolutely necessary. One of the things I find fascinating about money as a topic is what people think is essential. Most people of course think that the three essentials are shelter, food, and clothing. Somewhere to live, something to eat, and something to wear. I think this is a common view of essentials, right?

But what else would you consider essential? Having lived in Japan and Australia, where the health care systems are so good, I wouldn’t say that private health insurance is essential, however, if I lived in the USA I would definitely say it is. I have a great coffee machine at home, so I don’t think buying a Starbucks before work is essential, but I bet there are many people around the world who believe coffee is an essential thing in their budget!

How about you? What is essential to you and what could you live without in your budget?