Today’s Word: mindless

October 30, 2018 =========

☆  mindless  思慮のない


The Q&A for this month is, “Do you have a budget?” and one answer is, “Yes, this way I avoid mindless spending.” Mindless spending is where you really don’t think about what you are buying and why you are buying it, you just want to buy it. Remember my son, that is an expert in whining? He’s also an expert in mindless spending! Oh dear!

He’s too young for a budget, of course, however, I think it is time to teach him about working for money. Maybe if he earns his own money by doing jobs like gardening and cleaning the car for me, then he might think more before buying things. Perhaps when he wants to buy something, I can tell him how many hours of gardening he will have to do to be able to buy it!  (He hates gardening!) What do you think?? Is this a good solution? 

Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid mindless spending?