Today’s Word: cave in

October 28, 2018 =========

☆  cave in  降参する


Oh wow… this is the PERFECT word for me and my son! If you cave in, it means that you suddenly stop arguing or resisting, and just give in to what the other person wants. My son really knows how to get me to cave in. I wish I could resist him, but he is really, really good at whining!

So, now, instead of caving in and buying him what he wants, I give him pocket money, and he can save or buy what he wants. Except of course, he always forgets to bring his wallet when we go shopping! So then of course he whines and nags me to lend him the money, and he’ll pay me back! He’s never gives up until I cave in. At least I do get my money back once we are at home…I think he’ll be very successful in business as an adult!! Ha ha.