Today’s Word: donate

October 27, 2018 =========

☆  donate  寄付する


Donating money and things to charity is really common in Australia. When people clear out their homes and find things they no longer need they donate it to the local charity. The local charity then puts it in their secondhand shop and sells it. The money they make goes to the charity, supporting homeless people, dogs, mental health, cancer and so on.

Unfortunately, just last week, there was a big news story about people donating things to charity that were basically trash. The clothes and other items were not good enough to be sold by the charity, so the charity had to pay money to dispose of another person’s rubbish! The CEO of the NPO that was interviewed said that you need to ask yourself these questions before donating anything:

Would you give it to a friend?
Would you give it to a family member?

If the answer is no, then it’s trash, and should be thrown away, not donated. It is common to donate your old items to charity in Japan?