Today’s Word: personality

October 21, 2018 =========

☆  personality  性格


You might be wondering what the word personality has to do with the topic of saving money. Or maybe you already know that we all have different money personalities. It turns out that there is a new industry in the USA, and it’s a hybrid of financial planning and psychology: it is “financial psychology”. Have you heard of it?

Financial psychology is all about finding out what your money personality is, and taking steps to make the best of your personality. There are four main types: Money Avoidant (these people don’t want to be greedy), Money Worshipper (these people think more money will make them happier), Money Status Seeker (these people only buy new things), and Money Vigilant (these people always look for the best deal). Can you imagine which of these personalities you are? Does one fit you exactly or are you a mix? I think I’m a mix of Money Avoidant and Money Vigilant! Ha ha, is that mix even possible?