Today’s Word: allocate

October 22, 2018 =========

☆  allocate  計上する


If you allocate something for a particular purpose, you use it for that purpose. So, for this month’s topic, you can talk about your budget and how you allocate your money. Like I mentioned the other day, the Australian financial adviser I follow recommends that you allocate 60% of your income to daily expenses. Then allocate 20% to your emergency fund. Then allocate 10% to your short-term goals. And then allocate the final 10% to your “splurge fund,” which is money that you can splurge (Oct 6th word) on anything you want.  

I like the idea of allocating my money into goals and money for splurging. I think it is quite common for businesses to allocate money to certain projects, but how about for individuals and their salaries? What do you think of allocating your money like this? Do you allocate your income? Or do you just put all the income in one pot and use it however you need to?