Today’s Word: thrift shop

September 26, 2018 =========

☆  thrift shop  リサイクルショップ


In Australia, most thrift shops are actually run by charities, and so the money from sales goes to help others, such as homeless people, children who have lost their families, and even dog shelters (for homeless dogs).

So, when people have things that are in good condition that they no longer use, but don’t want to or don’t have time to sell, they often donate those things to these thrift shops. Interestingly, depending on the location, you can find a real bargain for good quality items. In richer areas for example, you can find brand clothing and bags, and very nice furniture. Whereas, in the less affluent areas, you mostly find cheaper non-brand clothing and items. Because of this, some people turn shopping at thrift shops into a kind of hobby of looking for the best bargain.

Are thrift shops popular in Japan?