Today’s Word: essence

September 27, 2018 =========

☆  essence  本質


Your essence is your fundamental nature, your being, your core and heart, your soul and spirit. And, according to most gurus and experts on decluttering and minimalism, the main goal of letting go of things you no longer need is to find your essence. When we have too many possessions we lose sight of our essence. Our essence gets lost in our busyness and we try to find it again, by letting things go.

I think this is why books on minimalism and decluttering, and gurus like KonMari are so popular. We are so busy, we have too many possessions, and every day we are bombarded by too much information, and we can’t remember what our true essence is. Knowing that books like the one by KonMari are so popular is kind of comforting to me… it makes me think that a lot of people are trying to find their true essence again, and that’s a good thing, right?