Today’s Word: process

July 1, 2018     =========

☆  process  過程


This month, we are looking at the topic of “Learning like a baby.” This is very relevant to me right now!! Ha ha! And the useful phrase is, “Learning is an individual process.” This is so true, both for babies and for English. Right now, my little girl is 5 ½ months old, and suddenly, she can roll over and over and over, until she has made it from her playmat to the middle of the room! Yet my friend’s little girl who is already 6 ½ months hasn’t started rolling yet.

We all learn in different ways, and at different stages, and the process is different for everyone. So, remember this when you are learning English. For some, it might be easiest to learn new words and create their own sentences, but others might prefer to memorize the sentences they find in the dictionary. You might prefer to read English when you want to learn something, your friend might prefer listening to the radio.

Whatever way you like to learn, and however long it takes you, remember learning is an individual process, and we each learn in our own way – and that way is the perfect way for each of us!