Today’s Word: observe

July 2, 2018      =========

☆  observe  観察する


If you observe something or someone, you watch them carefully, usually in order to learn something about that thing or person. When you’re learning English, I think observing yourself is a great thing to do. It might sound strange to observe yourself, but what I mean is to take a kind of “third-person” look at yourself when you are studying.

When you observe yourself from the third person position, you use words like he or she, instead of me or I. For example, she is listening to the English teacher, instead of I am listening to the English teacher. This technique of observing yourself from the third person is an NLP technique that can help you gather new information about yourself that can help you make changes or improve things. It can also be a fun way to practice English, too, by changing the pronouns from I to she, and making sure you have the correct grammar!