Today’s Word: intimidating

June 30, 2018 =========

☆  intimidating  威圧的な


If you find someone or something intimidating, it means that you feel they are frightening, and make you lose confidence. A funny thing for me, is that I find tall people intimidating! Ha ha! I’m not “that” short, but when I live in Japan, I was kind of tall, or at least average height amongst women.

But, now, back in Australia, women are so tall! It’s so intimidating!! Ha ha! I don’t know why, but so many women and young girls are really tall these days… so when I take my boys to school, the other school mums are mostly taller than me. And worse than that, the older kids are mostly taller than me too!! How?!

What do you find intimidating? What do you do to feel more confident?