Today’s Word:

March 2, 2018      =========

☆  imagine 想像する


If you imagine something, you think about it, and in your mind, you form a picture or an idea of it. When we have to cope with change, imagining the worst scenario can be helpful. Of course, you want to imagine the best possible outcome too, but imagining the worst that could happen can help us cope because we can think about what we would do if the worst happens.

As I said yesterday, I chose “Change” as my word of the year, to keep me focused on my goals, and one of the things I want to change is where we live as my kids are too far from their school, so we have to drive as there are no trains. There are two solutions… move somewhere closer, or change to a closer school. When I imagine my kids changing to a different school, that is actually the worst case for my kids, because they would be so sad to leave their friends. When I imagine moving to a different house, that is the worst case for me, as I love my neighbors and have many friends living nearby… It’s a tough situation, so I have to keep thinking and imaging possible solutions!