Today’s Word: cope

March 1, 2018     =========

☆  cope  対処する


This month, our new topic is “Coping with Change” and if you cope with a problem or task, or change, then you deal with it successfully. Some people love change though, and they don’t need to “cope” with it, instead they thrive. Which type are you, the sort that copes with change, or the type that thrives on change?

At the beginning of the year, I chose my “Word of the Year” and it was actually, “Change” I wanted it to represent the many changes that will happen this year, firstly a new baby in January! I want to be the sort of person who thrives on change, so that is my goal this year: a lot of change and not just coping with it, but thriving on it!

How about you, it’s already March, has there been a lot of change to cope with in your year so far or has it been fairly smooth?