Today’s Word: question

March 3, 2018 =========

☆  question 疑う


I’m sure you know the noun, “question” meaning something that you ask, but how about “question” as a verb? Have you heard the word used in this way? The useful phrase this week gives a good example:

“Recently, I’ve been questioning my decision.”

In other words, the speaker is having doubts about whether they made the right decision or not. When you question something, it means that you have doubts about whether that thing is true, reasonable, or worthwhile. As an English learner, you might question whether it is worth taking lessons, or continuing to study. My answer would be that of course it is! Not necessarily because you are learning and improving, but because constantly having English in your life is a great way to keep up your level. So, it doesn’t have to be face to face lessons, just reading these short emails each day is a good start, or reading a book on your smartphone rather than checking social media.

So, rather than question whether you are improving, instead try to think of all the different ways you can include English in your everyday life, so that English isn’t just for “study” but part of your everyday life.