Today’s Word: take a chance on

February 6, 2018 =========

☆  take a chance on  〜に賭ける


Today’s phrase is used in the useful phrases, “I wish she’d take a chance on me.” We use this phrase when we want to take a risk, or we want someone to take a risk. As I’m sure you know, falling in love with someone can be a big risk, who knows if they will love you back, or if it will be one-sided. So, in this case, the speaker wants the woman to risk falling in love with them, because they already like (or love) that woman.

Have you ever taken a chance on someone and asked them out on a date or asked for their phone number? What happened? Did they say yes? Or no? Was it worth the risk? I think it’s scary, but it is always worth taking a chance on someone, even if they say no, we become a stronger person. And if they say yes, well that’s perfect!