Today’s Word: avoid

February 5, 2018 =========

☆  avoid  避ける


We use “avoid” in three main ways. Firstly, to talk about avoid something unpleasant that might happen, by taking action to prevent it from happening. For example, “Drive carefully to avoid accidents.”

Secondly, you can avoid doing something, which means that you choose not to do it or you make sure you are in a situation where you don’t have to do it. For example, if you see someone often, but then you don’t see them as much, you might ask them, “Have you been avoiding me?”

Thirdly, you can avoid a person or a thing or topic, meaning that you keep away from that person, thing or topic. For example, “She ended up quitting her job to avoid bumping into her ex-boyfriend at work each day.” And as an example of avoiding a topic of conversation that you don’t want to talk about, “When I visit my parents I am always careful to avoid the topic of when I am getting married.”