Today’s Word: perfect

February 4, 2018 =========

☆  perfect 完璧な


Ooh, this is the perfect word to follow on from yesterday… so thinking about the character traits you’d like in a partner, do you have an image of your perfect partner in your mind? Why are they perfect? What do they look like, what do they act like?

Of course, if you are already married or in a relationship, you’ve already found the perfect partner, right? In that case, what makes them the perfect partner for you? I think that’s important to remember – nobody is perfect, but they might be the perfect person for you.

How about taking a few minutes to think about the perfect partner for you — in English! If you have time, you could do a Mind Map or write out a few sentences about what makes them perfect. Great for English study and a great way to get clear on what is important to you!