Today’s Word: feel appreciated

December 14, 2017 =========

☆  feel appreciated  評価されていると感じる


One way to make sure that people know that you are grateful and thankful for their help is to make them feel appreciated. What are some good ways to make someone feel appreciated? If it’s a business situation, and you are grateful for someone’s work, you could just say, “thanks for your help” but it’s always better to be specific and say exactly how they helped you and what you are thankful for.

If it’s a personal situation, how can you make someone feel appreciated? If it’s a friend or family, you could make something, plan an event to enjoy with them, or if you want to buy them something make it something that you know that they love. My sons always choose the mint chocolate for me at the shop because they know it’s my favorite. Being given that instead of the plain milk chocolate one always makes me feel appreciated!

What makes you feel appreciated?