Today’s Word: express

December 13, 2017 =========

☆  express 表現する


When you express an idea or feeling, or express yourself, you show what you think or feel. Do you find it easy to express yourself in English? I have a Canadian friend who couldn’t speak Japanese, but then when he came to Japan (where I met him) he fell in love – with the country and a woman! They married and still live in Japan now.

He told me that he actually finds it easier to express himself in Japanese than in English! I thought that was a little bit weird at first, but then he explained that because of his limited vocabulary, he was able to express himself in a clear way – there was no chance of using words that people didn’t understand or that had a different nuance depending on the situation.

What do you think? Is it easier to express yourself if you have a limited vocabulary or is it frustrating and more difficult?