Today’s Word: avoid

October 12, 2017 =========

☆  avoid  避ける


If you avoid something unpleasant or avoid doing something, it means that you take action to prevent that thing from happening, or you choose not to put yourself in the situation where that thing might happen. For example, one thing I often hear from my clients is that they avoid traveling during Golden Week and Obon. They want to avoid the crowds and traffic so they tend to stay home during these holiday seasons.

When I lived in Tokyo, the best time of year was actually Golden Week! During Golden Week, there were not so many people around. I used to live near Kichijoji, and during the Golden Week, the cafes weren’t so busy, and Inokashira park was a lot less crowded. So, I guess not everyone avoids traveling during this season!

How about you, do you tend to avoid traveling during the holidays such as Obon and Golden Week?