Today’s Word: celebrate

October 11, 2017 =========

☆  celebrate  祝う


This week’s useful phrases includes this question, “What holidays do you celebrate?” I think this is an interesting question, especially now with the Internet and it is so easy to know about other countries and incorporate their holidays into your own. For example, a few years ago, Halloween was never popular in Australia, and now it is celebrated quite a lot – mostly as a way for companies to sell their costumes and candy! But not only that, there are many American and Canadian immigrants who really celebrate Halloween in a big way, so this influences the people around them.

How about in Japan, and for you personally? Has the number of holidays or events you celebrate changed in recent years? Do you celebrate Christmas or only Christmas eve? What about Halloween? Is it becoming more widely celebrated in Japan, too? I wonder if eventually all cultures will celebrate all holidays, regardless of religion and culture?!!