Today’s Word: assimilate

October 13, 2017 =========

☆  assimilate  同化する


When immigrants assimilate into a community or county, they become an accepted part of it. In Australia, based purely on how a person looks, I believe it is actually pretty easy to be assimilated into the community. Why? Because Australia has such a diverse community anyway, even if you are not a white Anglo-Saxon, most people assume you are Australia, not a tourist.

Once, a student of mine went on a homestay to Australia as a high school student, and she loved it! I asked why, thinking it was the weather, the people, the food (well, maybe not! Ha ha), the nature or something like that. However, she told me that it was because it was so easy to assimilate into society. Because there are many Asians living in Australia, she said that everyone assumed that she was Australian and could speak English, so her English improved very quickly. She said it was an interesting experience for her.