Today’s Word: dried

September 16, 2017 =========

☆  dried  干した


A few years ago, I got very interested in preparing my own dried foods, such as fruit and vegetables that my kids could eat as snacks. I decided that if I made my own, they’d be healthier than the shop-bought ones. So, I got all the books and bought some camping nets that are usually meant for drying dishes, but can also be used to dry foods.

And then summer started. And we had rain, and more rain, and unbelievably even more rain! It was the wettest summer in a long time – and I only got to have dried apples once! Just one day, when the sun was hot enough and I was organized enough, to try making my own dried fruit. Just one day, out of an entire summer!!

Luckily, those dried apples were really delicious! Maybe I’ll try again this summer…