Today’s Word: fermented

September 15, 2017 =========

☆  fermented  発酵した


Recently, in Australia, there has been a huge boom in the fermented foods industry, and there are a lot of new experts and gurus telling us that fermented foods are the best way to heal our gut, and if we can heal our gut, then we can live a long and healthy life.

One of the biggest recommendations is to drink “Konbucha” and so if you go to health food stores and even some cafes, you can find bottles of Konbucha for sale… it is *nothing* like the kombucha I used to drink in Japan! It’s so strange, in order to sell it to the western world, the producers have added sugar and flavoring and I’m not really sure that it’s healthy anymore!

This is an Australian company that now produces Konbucha drinks – but it is no longer a tea, it is a “sparkling probiotic”… Interesting!