Today’s Word: venture

July 9, 2017   =========

☆  venture  思い切って~する


Today’s word is mostly used in written English, so you’d find it in novels or stories, rather than in every day conversation. It means to go somewhere, but it has a feeling of risk or chance or daring associated with it. You may have heard this used as a noun, in business, as in a “joint venture” or a “new business venture”, so in this usage it is easy to see the idea of chance or risk in it, right?

But, what about the useful phrase for this week, “It’s time to venture outside!” Why would there be any feeling of risk or danger when you are just “going outside”?? Well, the situation might be someone who has been sick for a long time, or someone who has been anxious about going out and meeting people and is finally being brave and “venturing outside.” In other words, you can use “venture” in every day conversation if you feel that you are being courageous or brave.