Today’s Word: active

July 10, 2017    =========

☆  active  活発な


Someone who is active is moves around a lot, or does a lot of things. They are energetic, lively, always on the go, and lead a full life. One of the things I love about Japanese people is that they are so active, especially as they get older. Japanese people tend to live long and active lives (is this still true, or am I stereotyping?? I hope it is still true!)

On the other hand, in Australia, because people usually drive everywhere rather than use trains, buses, or bicycles, they are not very active. As a consequence, when they get too old to drive, they end up being very inactive, rather than active. When you are not active, it is easy to get old – in my experience an 80 year-old Japanese person is much more active and “younger” than an Australian 80 year-old person unfortunately. Would you agree with this? Are Japanese people generally more active than westerners?