Today’s Word: organize

July 8, 2017      =========

☆  organize  計画する


When you travel, do you tend to organize everything in advance or do you prefer not to plan things? When I went to Hawaii for the first time, I went with a friend who didn’t like to organize things… I’m a planner, so it was tough for me not to organize everything in advance but we just got on the plane and flew to Hawaii then on to Kauai island… and when we arrived at the small airport we looked at the noticeboard there to find our accommodation!

We didn’t organize a hotel or a car or anything really! It was a great trip and we found great accommodation and had fun, but I can’t imagine doing that kind of thing again. I definitely prefer to organize everything before going! How about you? Have you ever done a trip without organizing anything first? If you have, how was it? Would you do it again?