Today’s Word: head to

May 29, 2017 =========

☆  head to  ~へ向かう


We are nearly at the end of May! This month’s Q&A section is asking “How do you spend your leisure time?” One sample answer is “I head to the mountains to go hiking.” For me, since there aren’t really any “mountains” near hear, just slightly big hills, I would say that I head to the beach for a swim.

If you had a day off and nothing that you needed to do, where would you head to? Would you go to the mountains? The sea? The local park? Or maybe you’d head to the shops for some “retail therapy”?

It’s rare that we really have a day off with nothing to do, but if I did and it were summer, I’d definitely head to the beach. Any other time of year, I think I’d head to the wine region not far from my home and try some new wines!