Today’s Word: treat

May 28, 2017 =========

☆  treat  喜び


There are a few different ways to use the word, “treat”. You might have heard it used in the phrase, “It’s my treat.” This means that the person who said it will pay for you, so if you are at dinner or at the movies, then you don’t need to pay, as the other person will pay as a treat to you.

Today’s usage is more about an actual “thing” – something special that you buy or arrange for another person, or for yourself even! For example, if you reach a goal, you might give yourself a treat of a massage or a nice bottle of champagne. For me, my treat to myself whenever I have reached a goal or finished a project is to read a novel. As I said earlier, I like to read, but most of the time I am reading non-fiction and business topics, so my treat is reading fiction.

How about you? What is your treat for yourself?