Today’s Word: second thought

March 25, 2017 =========

☆  second thought  再考


There are three ways to use today’s word. Firstly, if you “have second thoughts” about a decision you made, it means that you begin to doubt whether it was the best thing to do. For example, “I’m having second thoughts about quitting my job.”

Secondly, if you do something “without a second thought” it means you do it without thinking about it carefully, either because you don’t have enough time, or you do not care about it that much. For example, “She didn’t give a second thought to borrowing money from her family.”

And thirdly, if you say, “On second thought” to mean that you have suddenly changed you mind about something you have decided to do. For example, “Tell the boss to start the meeting without me, actually no, on second thought, can you ask him to delay the start for five minutes, until I get there?”