Today’s Word: closure

March 26, 2017 =========

☆  closure  終幕


Closure is the feeling or action of bringing a situation to an end, so that you are able to start something new. We often talk about a “sense of closure” or being able to “achieve closure.” The most common times to use this word are after a romantic relationship or friendship breaks up. Or when you have lost a job or had a difficult situation in your life.

Finding closure means that you have let go of the past; you have let go of what once was. Closure describes the ability to let go of what has finished and move on to something new.

Performing some kind of ritual can be a powerful way to get closure. For example, if an important relationship has broken up – such a divorce or long-term relationship has ended – doing some kind of ritual can help you find closure. A lot of people like the “fire ceremony” as a way to find closure; this is where you burn photos and letters and so on that were part of the relationship! How about in Japan? Are there any popular rituals or ceremonies people do to achieve closure?