Today’s Word: falter

March 5, 2017 =========

☆  falter  ためらう


If you falter, it means that you lose your confidence and stop doing something or you keep doing it but start making mistakes. For example,
“He never faltered in his resolution to get his job back after being unfairly dismissed.” In other words, he kept going and trying, he never hesitated or stumbled.
“As she neared her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, her steps faltered.” In other words, as she got walked and got closer to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, she began to feel nervous and unsteady, and it was hard to walk.

You can also say that your voice falters, which means that when you are speaking, you hesitate, or pause, or lose confidence. It is hard to say what you want to say either because you are unsure and nervous, or you are upset.