Today’s Word: commotion

March 6, 2017 =========

☆  commotion  混乱


This is one of my favorite words! I just like the sound of it, and the meaning, too. A commotion is a lot of noise, confusion, and excitement. I often ask my two boys, “What is all the commotion?!” when they are outside yelling and screaming about something. Usually it is just because they scored a soccer goal or something – it’s never anything serious!

However, a commotion could be seen as something that is a noise of something serious. For example, a disturbance in the street, or drunk people travelling home on the train after karaoke making a lot of noise could be a commotion. Although, even when I lived in Tokyo, I never really saw something I would have called a commotion. How about you? Have you ever seen a commotion in your city or town? What was going on?